Work from Home Challenges for IT

As more businesses start to let people work from home, that brings up new challenges for your IT department. Remember all of that investment to make sure your systems can defend themselves? Those systems aren’t in place on your employee’s home computer.

Now, IT is faced with a challenge. Do we insist on only allowing company owned devices to connect remotely to the network? That means the company has to supply laptops. Do we insist on protecting those computers too? That means the company has to purchase additional licenses and/or services for that protection.

There is a middle ground. What we can do is provide VPN access that only allows remote desktop connections. By doing so, we restrict what can be passed from the home computer network to the corporate network. Even with doing this, we are still faced with the issue of keyloggers.

What are keyloggers? Glad you asked. A keylogger logs every keystroke back to a hacker. By doing this, they can then discover your password to various sites. To combat this, we must put in a two-factor authentication on your VPN connection and/or remote desktop connection. By doing so, even if the hacker discovers your password, they won’t have the secondary device to provide the additional authentication.

And again, it takes time to implement solutions such as this, so if your company is planning on doing something such as this, talk to your IT ahead of time.

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