Why should I pay someone a monthly fee to manage my business’ IT systems?

We run into this a lot.  For most business owners, this just doesn’t make sense.  For some, it makes perfectly good sense.  Let me explain why.

Most business owners would rather wait until something breaks before paying to have it fixed. 

Makes sense, right?  Not exactly. 

By the time you pick up the phone to call the “computer guy”, your employee has probably spent several hours trying to fix it themselves before coming to you.  Then, you may have even spent several hours to fix it before picking up the phone. 

Sound familiar?

How much is that time worth to you?  Those are hours you will never make up. 

Doesn’t sound so good anymore, does it? 

For a fixed monthly fee, we’ll take care of your problems.  Instead of messing around with your computer for hours, just submit a service ticket or pick up the phone and call.  We’ll take care of it.  No extra cost.  You’re not surprised by a huge bill from the “computer guy”. 

How many times have you called the “computer guy” after spending hours and wasting tons of time only to have him come out, fix the problem in less than 15 minutes, and then still get charged an hour of time plus a trip charge?

With a monthly plan, you don’t have to worry about wasting tons of time and the hourly charges and the trip charges.  Most of the time, we can remote into your computer and fix it.  That means no waiting around.

Sound good?

Give us a call: (281) 941-4028 or better yet, download our Free Data & Security Report titled “What Every Small Business Owner Must Know About Protecting And Preserving Their Company’s Critical Data And Computer Systems”.  You don’t want to wait until something breaks before you read this report.  It just may be too late by then.

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