I’m going to start trying to publish “what we’re working on” on a weekly basis. Some weeks it may be a repeat of the previous, but we’ll see how it goes.

So currently I am working on a small program, and by small I mean I’m having to learn C# first, to assist with the customization of a new phone system we’ll be offering soon. Ideally, I’d like to implement a fully integrated system. Here are some of the features I envision:

  • Presence aware, and by that I mean using iBeacons to try movement and to know when a person is in or out of a building, a premises, general location on the premises, etc.
  • If the person is away, the phone system should automatically call their cell phone.
  • Updating Skype for Business status based on this presence.
  • Presenting this presence as a web page that can also be used on a smart TV.

Eventually, I’d also like to integrate a desktop application that fully interacts with the phone system along with the desktop application allowing users to change their Active Directory names and to update profile pictures. I’ve thought about making this a web application as well. I would like to include a softphone as well in this, so it may be a web application that can also talk to a local application. This project is just in the “thinking about” stage at this time.

I’m still evaluating different hyper visors (VMWare, Proxmox, KVM, XenServer), but this is progressing slower than I would like due to financial constraints. I’ll have to revisit this at a later time. For the time being, Microsoft’s Hyper-V is the go to hyper visor. I do have another system running Proxmox and most of my lab installs of the phone system are running on VMWare. I have not been able to evaluate any of the advanced features such as failover.

I’ll try to keep track during the week of things and then post updates either Sunday night or Monday morning. 

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