Welcome to UL’s Circle of Trust

From drywall to hair dryers and mattresses to smoke detectors, UL has a 120-year legacy of helping ensure the products we use every day are safe. UL is now transforming itself for the next 100 years, using the security, power and agility of the cloud to become a fast-moving digital company, a rate of speed and innovation they are passing on to their customers as well. Read on to learn why UL trusts Office 365 and the Microsoft cloud in the new Circle of Trust story and video.

At UL, experts light things on fire, shoot bullets at glass, smash hairdryers, drop safes, douse electronics in water, put foil in the microwave and more—all on purpose. It’s not just gleeful, don’t-try-this-at-home mischief for the sake of curiosity or killer dinner party stories. It’s serious science, testing and inspecting and auditing and certifying and validating to help ensure the things humans use every day are safe. UL places its mark on 22 billion products, systems and materials each year; the average American home has at least 125 objects with the UL mark, from drywall to fire extinguishers and lamps to mattresses.

“Whether people realize it or not, the UL mark is everywhere.  It’s around you at home, on your commute, at work, at the gym, even at your campsite in the middle of nowhere,” said Bob Jamieson, information security director for UL. “For 120 years, the UL mark has adorned everyday items, large and small.  The mark indicates one very important thing: the product has been rigorously tested and certified for safety.”

UL is in the midst of a technological revolution.

“It has involved a complete overhaul of our entire technology footprint, from the wire and cabling that goes through the walls, all the way to the state-of-the-art products that we have on the desktop,” said Mike Nuteson, director of sourcing and architecture at UL.

The company is using Office 365, Dynamics CRM Online, Windows, and Microsoft Azure to help it evolve from a legacy company into a fast-moving digital company. This has changed the way employees collaborate and communicate with each other and with clients.

“We may be testing a product in, say, Korea that’s manufactured in Germany for customers in England,” Nuteson said. “UL provides inspection services in over 100 countries worldwide. We have to be able to effectively collaborate across all the relevant stakeholders in order to do this.”

UL’s technological revolution has also changed the way the company stores, shares and secures its bread and butter: information. UL labs are equipped with extensive tools for measuring and collecting data from its tests, data that can move from sensors in a fire directly into spreadsheets on engineers’ PCs, and even into graphs to help them visualize what’s happening. Clients can then access the latest test results—crucial data for product development and getting to market – via a secure, personalized SharePoint Online site.

“UL has an incredible archive of product information and is the proud steward of a 120-year-old circle of trust,” Jamieson said. “Customers have come to trust that products with the UL mark are safe and reliable.  Companies worldwide have trusted UL with their most secret product information. And now, UL trusts Microsoft to help create a future that is safe and to help us innovate at the speed of our customers.”

To get a look inside the incredible Mythbusters-meets-Mr. Wizard world of UL, check out the full story at Microsoft/Stories.

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