There is no easy solution to prevent accounts from being compromised and identities from being stolen.

You can take steps to help prevent this:

  • protect your phone with a PIN
  • enable the auto delete function on your phone so that if someone enters the wrong PIN X number of times, it wipes all the data off of your phone.
  • for personal use, if you’re not “all in” with Apple (meaning you have a Windows PC), or you use an Android phone get a Google account
    • use it for email, contacts, and calendar – if you wipe your phone all your email, contacts, and calendar is synchronized to the cloud
    • use Google Photos to upload your photos and video to Google
    • you two factor authentication where possible (for Google, see here)
  • you can also use DropBox to sync your photos and video – Dropbox has two factor authentication as well
  • for business use, I still recommend Office 365, which will provide the same sync capabilities

I use a mixture of these. My email, contacts, and calendar are all synced with my Office 365 account. My photos and videos are synced to both my Google Photos account and DropBox. I’ve just recently started using Google Photos, which is why I still have DropBox. Currently, Microsoft does not have automatic photo sync with your Office 365 OneDrive. It is only available on the consumer OneDrive.

In other words, make your phone replaceable. Make sure that any information on it is backed up somewhere so that if it is lost or stolen, you don’t lose the information on it. Also, be quick to wipe it. If you lose your phone, and you can remotely wipe it. Do it. You can put the data back on it if you find it.

We’re moving more to a mobile computing world, and with it, we have some challenges we are going to be facing.

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