Just because hurricane season is practically over doesn’t mean you are safe for another year free from disaster. Hurricanes are just another line item when it comes to disasters.

If you aren’t backing your data up offsite on a daily business, you are gambling with your business. This is a point I just can’t stress enough. Disasters happen, whether it is a fire, theft, hard drive failure, virus, or a number of other things. Having the ability to recover from a disaster is key to your business’ survival.

Even if you are sure you have the situation covered and under control, it costs nothing for us to come out, take a look, and if so, give you a clean bill of health, and then you’ll be even more confident that you are covered. If you are not sure, or we determine you aren’t covered, isn’t it better to find out now rather than when it is too late? How would you feel if you had to call all of your customers and ask them how much they owe you? I imagine that would be pretty embarrassing. We’ll work with you to get a plan put in place that works for you and your budget. We’ll explain the pros and cons of the different methods.

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

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