One thing we’ve found is that small businesses are no longer looking for enterprise level IT services.  Instead, small businesses are looking for solutions to fit their unique style of business.  In the old days, a typical small business owner would get up and drive in to the office every morning.  Now, a typical small business owner gets up and walks into his home office.  His or her meeting room now consists of a coffeehouse.  Today, buying a big expensive server and not having access to it on the go is not acceptable.  Today, you need anytime everywhere access to your data.

While we at Aspendora continue to refine our solutions, we’d like to know what you want.  What are some of the issues you face today?  What kind of technology solutions can we provide to help alleviate those problems?

As a small business ourself, we face many of the same issues.  I’d love to hear from you and, if possible, meet with you to discuss your challenges.  I may or may not have an answer for you, but I’m sure we can both learn something from each other.


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