One of the advantages to using the Digium phones on the Switchvox system is the ability to search. For example, suppose you want to talk to John, but you don’t know John’s extension.

Let’s start at the idle screen:


Press the Contacts button to bring you to the Contacts screen:

screen_shot (1)





Now, using the numbers on your keypad, start typing. So, for our example, you would type 5646 which correspond to JOHN by looking at the letters on your number keys.

screen_shot (2)

Now, just hit the Dial button and you’ve called John. One thing to note is that you don’t have to enter the name completely.

screen_shot (3)

This will show any matching names, so in our example you will note two entries that at first glance doesn’t make sense. However, not only does it search for last names, it also searches for initials. In our example, 56 can also be KM or LM.

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