On my Blackberry, I used to use Outlook Notes extensively.  When I would go to a restaurant and order something that I later didn’t like, I’d make an entry for the restaurant and put a note saying what I didn’t like.  Some people thought that was strange. 

With the transition to an iPhone, though, I lost the ability to sync Notes over the air.  It appears that there is some force in the universe that is trying to kill off that part of Outlook because even the manual syncing doesn’t work as well.

I’ve since switched over to greener pastures.  I’ve always been a fan of OneNote, and recently even more so.  The advantage of OneNote is that you can link it to a Microsoft Live account and have access to it on your desktop, iPhone, and iPad.  It has a native iPad app.  I use it as sort of a knowledge base.  I can take notes on how to perform something, then later on, whether at my office or a clients, I can refer back to it.

Think about all the post-its and scraps of paper laying on your desk.  What if you could get rid of all of them?  Better yet, what if you had access to them all the time?  That’s the beauty of OneNote.  I admit I don’t use it as much as I should (I actually have another system that I should be putting more of those notes in), but I’m working on it. 

One thing I also have is a shortcut on my desktop that takes me to a folder in Dropbox that I call “working”. In the past, I’ve had several plain text files (or in other words Notepad files) containing various bits of information.  I’m bad about NOT taking notes, so this was just easier for me to put my notes in here.  I’ve started trying to organize my notes so that I can put them in OneNote.  It’s not as hard as I was trying to make it. 

I’d suggest, at the bare minimum that you consider the Dropbox idea (since you do have access from multiple computers, including smartphones).  But, you should definitely take a look at OneNote.  Most people have it as part of Microsoft Office, but they’ve never used it.

One day, in a galaxy far, far away, I’d like to get the time to write more about using OneNote.  I just seem to always misplace my post-its regarding what I want to write about (oh wait, maybe they should go in OneNote!).

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