Today we are excited to announce the launch of the Office 365 Channels on IFTTT to coordinate information flow in an automated way. IFTTT enables people to link to the various Triggers that exist for Internet apps, and then complete Actions against other products or apps. For example, you could have the lights in your house turn on when you are minutes from your house.

The Office 365 Channels include:

When you activate these Channels, you are able to automate what happens with your Office 365 data to increase your productivity even more. For example, you create Recipes to program activities, like automatically save a photo to OneDrive for Business when it’s posted to Instagram with a particular hashtag, or sharing that a new Office 365 contact was added to the team’s Trello board or Slack team.

We created some Office 365 sample Recipes to help you get started.

Mail Channel

We live in our email these days. The Mail Channel helps you create a centralized place to review of all of the information coming in from across the Internet.

For example, this Recipe sends an email when you receive a refund in Square:

IFTTT Recipe: Receive an email when you get a Square refund. connects square to office-365-mail

OneDrive for Business Channel

We all like to share highlights of our successes to our friends and peers.

This Recipe saves a photo from your Camera Roll on your iPhone to your OneDrive for Business if you’re within a particular radius of a location. This is a great way to automatically save all conference-related and team-building photos to your team’s OneDrive for Business photos folder:

IFTTT Recipe: Publish a new photo to OneDrive for Business connects ios-photos to onedrive-for-business

Another great Recipe uses Instagram photos with the #work hashtag. For example, this Recipe saves photos from Instagram to OneDrive for Business to create a great #work photo album and share conference and team activity pictures with the rest of the team:

IFTTT Recipe: Publish your Instagram pictures to OneDrive for Business connects instagram to onedrive-for-business

Calendar Channel

The Calendar Channel, keeps you on top of your meetings and important events all the time.

This Recipe creates a card in your team’s Trello board, reminding them of a team meeting, and then adds a task to follow up with meeting notes:

IFTTT Recipe: Create a follow up task card in Trello for a meeting. connects office-365-calendar to trello

Or use the Calendar Channel to schedule a gym appointment for you for in the evening when you haven’t reached your FitBit steps goal by 5 p.m.

IFTTT Recipe: If you haven't met today's step goal go to the gym. connects fitbit to office-365-calendar

Contacts Channel

Keeping track of relationships and key contacts is critical today.

This Recipe creates a page in your OneNote when you add a new contact to Office 365:

IFTTT Recipe: Create a new page for each new contact. connects office-365-contacts to onenote

This next Recipe creates an automatic followup calendar item for an easy reminder to follow up with a new contact a week after your initial meeting:

IFTTT Recipe: Create a new calendar item when a new contact is added. connects office-365-contacts to office-365-calendar

Get started today by visiting the Microsoft’s profile page on IFTTT, where we’ve posted 30 recipes to help you get started.

We’re looking forward to seeing the creative ways you can increase your productivity with IFTTT and Office 365.


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