Microsoft Remote DesktopLast night I decided to give Microsoft’s new Remote Desktop App for the iPad a try.

After installing it, I connected to my Windows 8.1 “non touch” desktop.  Because I was on the iPad, I now had a touch aware session.  I really was blown away.  I’ve used the ThinkPad Tablet 2 from Lenovo and became less than impressed.  The battery life on the Tablet 2 was just horrible.  The battery life of the iPad is, well, as to be expected from Apple – extremely good.  So the combination of remoteing into a desktop using an iPad that has touch capabilities gives you the ultimate Windows 8.1 experience.

Now, if we can just get more touch enabled applications, we might be okay.  Using our business tools, including QuickBooks, in this fashion is not something I want to do for long periods of time.  The one thing missing is the ability to use a mouse.  A bluetooth keyboard is supported, but there is no support for mice.  That’s an iPad limitation.

I’m looking forward to getting a Surface 2 which will support both keyboard and mouse.

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