Internet address lineAs some of you may be aware, over the weekend a security vulnerability was identified in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.  All versions of Internet Explorer are affected and as of today there is no patch available.  Furthermore, for all practical purposes, there will be no patch available to Windows XP.

Some large corporations have extended support contracts with Microsoft to provide updates, but these updates are not available to small to medium businesses.

You may be asking what you can do. My recommendation is to use a browser other than Internet Explorer.  Personally, I use Google Chrome as my main browser and use Internet Explorer only when needed.  Firefox is another browser with good community support.  Safari on Windows is no longer supported by Apple, so I would not recommend it.  Mac users, as usual, are not affected by this.

With Windows XP being longer supported, this is just the beginning of many attacks targeting XP.  The hackers know there will be no updates.  My recommendation is to never use Internet Explorer on Windows XP.  As of now, Chrome and Firefox are still being updated on XP.  However, it’s time to upgrade that computer.

Further information on MS Security Advisory 2963983 can be found here:

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