Our flagship service is Foundation by Aspendora.

We chose the name Foundation because we believe you need a solid IT foundation in order to build the rest of your business systems. Our first priority is to establish that foundation and then maintain the foundation. Just as a building needs a solid foundation upon which to build, so does your computer network.

Many IT firms go into extreme detail as to what they do.

At Aspendora, we know you don’t care about the details. You just want your systems to work. That’s what we do. We provide the underlying foundation that just works. From there, we can go on to build the solutions that help you run your business. Just like most people aren’t interested in the foundation of a building, you aren’t interested in the foundation of your IT systems.

Working with Aspendora is pretty simple, and by doing so you can:

Take IT concerns off your plate. Let us handle your technology from A to Z.
Empower your employees by letting us handle or assist with user support so they can get back to work faster.
Plan and implement technology upgrades.

With our support based on our affordable fixed rates, you can sit back, relax, and return to doing what you do best without worrying about IT.

With Aspendora, there are no long term commitments, we want to earn your trust and earn your business. We have no desire to lock you into an agreement. We know that happy clients are much better than locked in unhappy clients. While your investment with Aspendora is based on a number of factors, a good “rough estimate” is $1,200 per month for 10 users. It varies, but we want to at least give you an idea of what you are looking at spending with us handling your complete IT needs.