I’ve been using a Mac for quite a while now, so here are my initial thoughts (and these are strictly my opinion):

One of the biggest issues I have is the END key on the keyboard.  In Windows, it take you to the END of the line.  On a Mac, it takes you to the END of the screen.  The equivalent is CMD right arrow.  That is going to take some getting used.  The same goes for HOME.  On a daily basis, this bothers me.

I like some of the lesser known UI features of Windows.  If you click on an icon at the bottom, clicking again minimizes it.  Not so on the Mac.  There is a key plus click option, I can’t remember it, and probably never will.  To automatically expand a column to the width of the largest cell, you double click the column separator in Windows.  I haven’t found an equivalent on the Mac.  Expanding a window to maximize it really works on Windows, not so much on a Mac.

Printers: Oh boy.  Make sure your printer is compatible.  I can’t even say for sure that really means anything.  I’ve found that even printers with Mac drivers don’t support all of the features of the printer.  Trial and error is the only thing I can think of to solve this.  Unfortunately, try returning that printer that does everything but make coffee on Windows, but just barely spits a page out on Mac.

I think if I wasn’t so stubborn I would have given up on it.  The cloud file system we use here doesn’t work very well, so that’s another issue.  Before using that, we made use of offline folders, those don’t work (didn’t expect that to).

Bottom line for general business use: If you have more than one person in your small business, stick with Windows.  If you like the MacBooks, fine, just run Windows on it.  If you are a one person business, you might be ok with it.

Now, you may be wondering why I bought it.  Basically, for web design.  I haven’t got that far yet.  When I start that, I’ll post another article.



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