One of the things we have the hardest time getting across to our clients is that you need to replace your desktops every three years. Our preference is to replace 1/3 of your machines every year. Why do we stress this? Simple. We only sell and recommend equipment with a three year, on site, next business day warranty. As a result of this policy, the machines are always under the original equipment manufacturer warranty.

Let’s get into why this is important:

  1. Equipment built for a three year warranty is going to be better equipment. Parts are cheap and labor, especially onsite labor, is expensive. As a result, if one small thing fails, the profit is probably gone for the manufacturer. We refer to this as business class equipment. Business class means it is built to last.
  2. Old machines are slow by today’s standards. Networks are faster, peripherals are faster, hard drives are faster and bigger, SSDs are even faster. New software has more features which means more code and more memory requirements. Windows updates add more code, malware and virus protection needs to get better, which results in more code. The bottom line is that processors are losing their battle the minute they are released.
  3. We basically never upgrade machines once they are installed. Because we know we’ll replace the machine in three years, we buy enough RAM on day one. We know it will work for three years. We also use the latest operating system when the machine is new.
  4. When machines are under warranty, we don’t have to worry about high support costs. Things basically never break. If a hard drive fails or a power supply goes out, we call the manufacturer and they schedule a trip to replace it. Because of this, our clients have less downtime.

As I said though, this is what we prefer. The real world sometimes gets in the way and we end up supporting machines for much longer. The key point to remember is that we don’t cover this under our monthly service fee. We also do not discount our hourly rate for hardware repair, if we even accept the project. We don’t typically fix or repair hardware.

It just makes business sense to make sure your hardware is covered under warranty. 

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