This past week I’ve had to work on two systems that were compromised. On both systems, the client thought they were protected because they had antivirus software installed. On one client, Windows was relatively up to date, in fact, because a system restore was performed, it might have been up to date. On the other, I’m not sure if any updates were performed.

However, I don’t believe the problem was with Windows updates or antivirus software. What I found on both systems was that Adobe Reader, Flash, JAVA, and the usual suspects of third party applications were not updated.

Most people don’t realize how important it is to make sure everything is up to date. That includes antivirus definitions, Windows updates, and third party updates.

Is your system up to date? I know many people have good intentions of updating their systems but just never get around to it. We can keep your systems up to date for only $10 per month per system. Just one infection could cost upwards of $120, with hours of downtime, or worse, you could lose all of your files.

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