A lot of people seem to be put off by Google’s new privacy policy. The way I see it, they are at least admitting to how they use your data. Most people don’t realize that your Internet Service Provider is now required by US Federal law to maintain all sorts of information about your Internet behavior. You probably don’t even want to know what all is being stored about you.

The point is that the information about you is being stored somewhere, somehow. If you don’t want this, stay offline. Simple as that.

For me, I prefer the convenience. I have pretty much switched to using Google Chrome as my browser. Unlike many people I know, I also login and allow Google to store information about my browsing. Because I login, I now have access to my favorites and my Chrome Apps across multiple computers and multiple platforms. This post was started on a Ubuntu system and will probably be finished on my Windows systems. And, it is being typed using Writer, the internet typewriter, which is a Chrome App. It’ll be saved on my Ubuntu system and available on my Windows systems.

It’s all about convenience for me.  What do you think you

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