mozilla_firefox_updateYesterday it was announced that there was a security vulnerability found in Firefox. Because our clients’ systems have multiple layers of protection, the current issue was not as pressing as it may be for others. You can find out more about the exact details here.

Firefox has released an update and the update will be applied tonight on all systems with Firefox installed. To do this though, requires that your computer be turned on, but logged off. Windows 10 makes it a little more difficult to just log off and I will be publishing a how-to on this soon. Meanwhile, if you are not sure, the best method would be to just restart your computer. It’s important that your computer be turned overnight so that you can receive these updates. We can’t update your computer if it is turned off and we can’t update programs that are in use. This is why it is important that you log out and leave it on.

If you are not on a managed IT plan with Aspendora and are receiving this, it might be a good time to get in touch with us to get you setup on our managed IT plan.

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