I wonder how many of you are taking full advantage of FaceTime.

Imagine this scenario:  You are a construction superintendent out on the job site and you’ve come across something unknown.  This unknown something could be something that wasn’t on the plans, different soil conditions than what you expected, just about anything.  The point is, you need to notify your boss.  You call him and start to describe it.  One of you, hopefully, will realize that you can take a picture and send it.  However, what if you called your boss using FaceTime?  You could then swap the camera to the back camera (if you have it on the front facing), and then your boss can see what it is.  Need a closer look, move the phone closer.  Real time video.

I’m sure you’ve already figured out the possibilities are endless.  And yes, it comes in handy providing tech support as well.  Sometimes, as a help desk technician, you need to actually see something either during the boot process, or in many other situations where you cannot connect remotely.

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