Remember the days of complicated VPN setups just to access shared company files on the road? To solve that, we came up with even more complicated syncing solutions where we copy all of the shared company files to all of the computers and then tried to keep everything in sync while trying not to run out of disk space on the laptops in the field.

There is an easier way. What if you could access shared company files outside of the corporate network with no complicated VPNs and no syncing? What if you could access these files just like you do at the office? Sound interesting? We thought so too.

One of the new services we’re offering is the ability to access your shared company files without the complications of a VPN and without the disk storage requirements of syncing. If you’d like to find out more, just fill out the form below with the information you’re willing to share and we’ll get some information over to you. You don’t have to worry about us calling every hour on the hour, we hate sales calls more than you do!

Every Plan Includes:

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  • Completely On-Premise Deployment
  • Cloud Enable Existing File Server in Place
  • Home Drives Mapped Automatically
  • Web Browser Access
  • Edit Office Docs Directly from Browser

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  • Desktop Map Drive WebDAV Access
  • Mobile (iOS, Android)
  • Active Directory Native Integration
  • Native NTFS Permissions Inheritance
  • Group Based Permission

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  • File Locking
  • Configurable File Size Limits
  • Enterprise Search
  • Drag/Drop Upload
  • Auditing


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