reseller-colorAre you still emailing files back and forth to people inside and outside your company?  Are you still storing files on USB sticks and bringing them back and forth from one company to another? There’s an easier way.  

Introducing Dropbox for Business.

Dropbox for Business gives you the simple, easy to use, Dropbox that you already know and adds the business features that you need.  Dropbox for Business syncs your team’s files across all of your devices, from tablets to phones to laptops to desktops running Windows, Mac, and Linux.  You can access your files anytime and anywhere.  Even better, if you happen to delete a file or want to go back to a previous version, that’s no problem with Dropbox for Business.

Backups and versioning is included at no extra charge.

Always had trouble sending those large files by email?  Not anymore.  Send a link to the file instead of the file itself.

To find out more about our partnership with Dropbox, head over to!

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