dropbox-logoGood news for those of you who made the leap to Windows 8. Dropbox is now available in the Windows store.  You can get it here.

We’ll be covering more of Windows 8 shortly.

One thing I would like to point out is that Intuit has announced that ONLY QuickBooks 2013 will be compatible with Windows 8.  So, if you plan to make the upgrade to Windows 8, be sure you are ready to upgrade your QuickBooks as well.  Some people are reporting that earlier versions do work, but remember, Intuit will not support you if you have a problem with an earlier version running on Windows 8.  We’re still recommending that most of our clients stay with Windows 7, mainly because of support issues from software vendors.  Even our main billing and ticketing system is not supported on Windows 8 yet.  It seems to work, but it is not supported by our vendor.

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