Covid-19 And Remote Work

Spread of the Coronavirus has undoubtedly been a topic of concern for your organization. We’d like to provide an update on a few items that may be helpful for you as you plan for contingencies and possible work-from-home scenarios.

Remote access and remote work options

We have plans in place that will allow any of your ill or quarantined team members to connect to their office computers and work remotely. This will require configuration on our side, which may take up to a day (depending on prior requests and over all workflow). Things to keep in mind:

  1. Because users may be accessing your company’s resources from home computers, we are only recommending and configuring remote control of each user’s own office computer through our solution. We are not configuring direct network access via VPN and due to the lack of two factor authentication we are not recommending the current way.
  2. Each user who needs remote access will need their own login to our remote access system.
  3. Due to the amount of work required for each setup, we will not be setting this up en masse in preparation. Each account must be requested as the need arises.
  4. Two factor authentication for remote access connections is required. Remote workers will need to provide an email account they can access from their mobile device in order to receive login codes. Codes can also be sent via text message.
  5. The user’s computer at your location will need to be powered on and connected to your network in order for your remote worker to access it.
  6. Remote printing options are limited and may or may not work depending on the hardware the user has installed in their home.

Please open a ticket to [email protected] for these requests as soon as possible once you know there is a need for remote access.

Increased threat from phishing emails and viruses

Sadly, cybercrooks love a crisis because it gives them a believable reason to contact you with a phishing scam. Be on high alert! Here are some tips:

  1. Never let yourself feel pressured into clicking a link in an email. Most importantly, don’t act on advice you didn’t ask for and weren’t expecting. If you are genuinely seeking advice about the coronavirus, do your own research and make your own choice about where to look.
  2. Don’t be taken in by the sender’s name. Criminals can put any name they like in the From: field.
  3. Look out for spelling and grammatical errors. Not all crooks make mistakes, but many do. Take the extra time to review messages for telltale signs that they’re fraudulent – it’s bad enough to get scammed at all without realizing afterwards that you could have spotted the fraud up front.
  4. Check the URL before you type it in or click a link. If the website you’re being sent to doesn’t look right, stay clear. Do your own research and make your own choice about where to look.
  5. Never enter data that a website shouldn’t be asking for. There is no reason for a health awareness web page to ask for your email address, let alone your password. If in doubt, don’t give it out.
  6. If you realize you just revealed your password to imposters, change it as soon as you can and notify us immediately. The crooks who run phishing sites typically try out stolen passwords immediately (this process can often be done automatically), so the sooner you react, the more likely you will beat them to it.
  7. Never use the same password on more than one site. Once crooks have a password, they will usually try it on every website where you might have an account, to see if they can get lucky.
  8. Turn on two-factor authentication (2FA) if you can. Those six-digit codes that you receive on your phone or generate via an app are a minor inconvenience to you, but are usually a huge barrier for the crooks, because just knowing your password alone is not enough.
  9. Use trusted sources. Be wary of search results from the web and social media. Manually navigate to legitimate government websites for up-to-date, fact-based information about COVID-19.


We’re here to help! Please open a ticket to [email protected] so we can answer your questions and provide any other resources you may need.

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