BYOD concept in tag cloudMobile devices have become just as important as the coffee maker or copy machine in the modern workplace. This increases the demand for a fast, reliable wireless network. However, putting together a Wi-Fi network that can adequately support your business can be quite tricky. Some of the common mistakes you should avoid include:

Overloading the router

While it is normal to start with an entry-level wireless router when setting up your network, it may get overloaded over time by heavy usage as your business grows. In case of slowness, try setting up a standalone network switch and wireless access point so that some clients are offloaded to the access point. This will reduce the burden on your router’s processor and increase your local network speed.

Using the default channel

Using your router without changing the default channel could mean sharing the channel with your neighbors, and this interference will likely degrade your wireless performance. As a rule, change the channel on your device when you set it up.

Bad placement of Wi-Fi access points

The physical location of a Wi-Fi access point is critical. Barriers, such as alcoves, metallic fixtures or thick concrete beams could weaken your Wi-Fi signal. Visualize wireless signals traveling in a straight line from the access point; three or more obstacles will likely mean a weakened or nonexistent signal. In addition, an elevated location works better than a lower one.


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