This blog entry comes from the “Have you read the fine print?” section.

While installing a Brother All In One Ink Jet printer, I noticed something that made me stop and think.

The software that Brother grants you to use to actually use their printer states that you are licensed to use that software on ONE computer.  This printer is, from all MARKETING aspects, a printer that can be shared in the office with multiple people using it.  The printer even gives you the ability to select which computer you would like to scan the documents to.  However, what good is any of this if you are only allowed to install the software on ONE computer.

It looks to me like Brother is trying to pull a fast one.  Marketing says one thing to get you to buy the product and then LEGAL comes around and tells you that you can’t do what MARKETING alluded to in their sales literature.

I’m not sure what the additional licensing costs are to be properly licensed.  Unlike the features that MARKETING alludes to in their literature, the additional licensing costs to actually use the product in a shared environment is not something that is easily found.  I have a suspicion that there is no ability to purchase additional licenses.  I wonder if they expect their customers to purchase additional printers.

Beware of the fine print.  I’ll be checking on HP soon.

One other thing to note:  You don’t see this fine print until after you have opened the box.  Office Depot has a strict No Return Policy on any Technology Related products once the box has been opened.  So, after you’ve opened the box, you are not able to return the product to Office Depot for a refund.

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