Many performance improvements and architecture changes in the upcoming release of Exchange Server 2016—which is now available as a Preview to download—are based on our experience running Exchange Online at extreme scale. Our software development process allows us to incorporate things we’ve learned in the cloud in the product releases that we deliver to on-premises customers.

We explain some of these under-the-hood improvements on this week’s Office Mechanics. Exchange engineering team veteran Greg Taylor provides insights into what IT admins can expect in Exchange Server 2016. He explains that the team focused on three key areas to enhance the newest member of the Exchange family:

  • Simplification: both in server architecture and migration from Exchanger Server 2013 and 2010.
  • Reliability: key learnings from running Exchange Online enabled the team to get further ahead of potential failures through automation and predict problems before they occur.
  • Performance and reducing total cost of ownership: improvements in indexing, search, connectivity and more, along with making sure we can run on low-cost commodity servers versus high-performance (and high-cost) servers.

Of course, this isn’t a comprehensive list of the new capabilities coming to Exchange Server 2016. In-depth information can be found in today’s Exchange Team blog announcing the availability of the Preview. And to see what’s coming in Outlook, check out Ben Walters’ recent show: Early look at the new Outlook on the desktop, Windows 10 and phones.

—Jeremy Chapman

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