We on the OneNote team are always working to improve our experiences and provide more to our customers.  From big release to small updates and enhancements we are always listening to your feedback. In today’s post we wanted to introduce you to a couple recent updates: Clip to OneNote in Bing Image Search and an update to the OneNote Online Spell Check.

Introducing Clip it to OneNote

Recently, the Bing Image Search team announced a brand new experience that lets you do more, learn more and be inspired through image search. The OneNote team is proud to be involved in this partnership and is pleased to introduce Clip it to OneNote, a new feature in Bing Image Search.

OneNote updates 4 17 2015 1

Clip it to OneNote lets you organize images and links that you’re researching into your personal online notebook. Here’s what the widget looks like when you click it in Bing Image Search:

OneNote updates 4 17 2015 2

Click Clip to send the selected results to a page created in OneNote. For example on OneNote for iPhone:

OneNote updates 4 17 2015 3

As always all your notes are on all your devices. Researching a topic? Found an inspiration? Quickly clip it to OneNote and save it for later.

OneNote Online Spell Check update

Here on the OneNote team, we love to use OneNote for all sorts of things. At work, we have shared workspaces where everyone can contribute and see ideas for projects. Shared notebooks help us to keep track of to-dos, share our schedules and brainstorm and develop ideas. When developing ideas into well-formed thoughts and plans the OneNote Online Proofing tools, such as Spell Check, keep us looking professional and save us time.

OneNote updates 4 17 2015 4

Right-click on a word to display spell check options.

But sometimes quickly brainstormed ideas remain just that and don’t need to go through proofing for final presentation. Now in OneNote Online it’s easy to hide the red squiggly lines that highlight spelling errors. With this update to OneNote Online you can quickly hide your spelling errors and focus on your content rather than those red squiggles. On the Home tab, under Spelling, select Hide Spelling Errors. Poof, they are gone.

OneNote updates 4 17 2015 5

OneNote Online now has the option to hide spelling errors.

Spelling errors are hidden anytime you use OneNote Online on your machine, until you choose to show them again in the Spelling drop-down menu.

We also love using OneNote Online at home, for things like trip planning and Hide Spelling Errors comes in handy for this too! For example, if you’re collecting information from the web for an upcoming trip, you can hide spelling errors and focus on the content, not those red squiggles.

OneNote updates 4 17 2015 6

This feature comes to OneNote Online because of your feedback!  We love to hear from you and make improvements based on the things you’ve told us you need.  Please continue to share your thoughts and ideas through the Give Feedback to Microsoft button at the top right of the OneNote Online app.


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