These days it seems there are two types of small businesses owners: those okay with their business being in the cloud and those that aren’t.  I’m not going to concentrate on the pros and cons of either in this article.  This article is going to focus on those who are okay with their data being in the cloud.

For those business owners, there may be a simple and inexpensive way to run your business that you or may not have thought about.

Take a look at the software you use.  Is it all web based?  Could it be all web based?  Are you using QuickBooks?  No? Then continue on.  If you are, how many people?  Just one?  You’ll need to modify our plan slightly, but our plan will still work.  Are you using any other applications tied to running on PCs?  If not, then continue on.  If so, our plan may still work, depending on the number of people.

If you are this far along, in most cases, we can switch you over and eliminate any local servers along with eliminating typical desktops,  the high maintenance fees that goes along with them in the ongoing monthly support, and the dangers of viruses and malware.

Contact us today if you are interested in learning more for your Houston area small business.


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