I never thought I would say this, but after wrangling with various devices to convert an analog telephone line (you know, the kind from the phone company or cable company that only businesses use anymore) to a connection compatible with my phone system, I’ve finally decided that Voice Over IP is the better option. Since I started down this path, I’ve had my Comcast Business Voice Line forwarded to a VoIP provider during the day while trying to get an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) to work. Even the few times I’ve gotten an outbound call to work on the ATA, the quality has been horrible. Tremendous echo. And yes, I know I can tweak settings, buy better equipment (or so they so, that’s starting to become questionable). The bottom line is that the quality coming to me over the internet is better. So basically, that $10 a month phone SIP account has become a much better product than that $40 a month Comcast line. I guess it’s time to check on the agreement term of that Comcast voice line and see about just going ahead and porting it over. I truly never thought the analog technology and quality control of the products would get this bad.

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