Is E-Mail overload driving you insane?  It seems like everytime you delete one, two replace it.  Are you finding it difficult getting anything done during the day due to constant emails?  If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re not alone…

To combat this problem, some people are even declaring e-mail bankruptcy – they are deleting every e-mail in their inbox and starting over.  If that’s not an option, here are 6 ways to take back control of your inbox.

1.  Get a good spam filter. – Even if it saves you 10 minutes a day, that adds up to over 59 hours a year.

2.  Cancel subscriptions to unwanted mailing lists and opt-out of legitimate e-mail.

  • Be careful here.  Opting out of non-legit emails will only add you as a real e-mail address.  Legitimate opt-out lists include email from Constant Contact, iContact, MailChimp, and others.
  • Check the unsubscribe or opt-out box when placing online orders.

3.  Ask your friends to remove you from joke or chain mails.

4.  Don’t respond to every e-mail you receive. – There is no rule stating that you must respond to every email.

5.  Turn off Outlook’s pop-up and notification alerts.  – You should define specific times to check your e-mail.  If you are currently working on something, the alerts will only distract you and keep you from ever finishing the project.

6.  Use folders and filters to sort your e-mail. – Use outlook’s rules to move e-mail that doesn’t need an immediate response into folders in your inbox to be checked later.  You can also use filters to filter the email received so that it does not show up in your inbox in Outlook but is still easily seen and read on mobile devices.

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