While most would say the staying sane part isn’t working, I thought I’d share some applications that you may not be aware of.

1.  Notepad++
I keep Notepad++ open all the time. I use it as a scratchpad. I copy/paste text into it and can manipulate the text and then copy/paste it to where it needs to go. I also use it as a scratchpad throughout the day.

2. Writer
I use a Chrome App called Writer. This document started life out in Writer. Most documents do. It’s kind of like a mix between an old-fashioned typewriter and the old Word Processors back in the old days of computing. Kind of like Wordstar. I know, way before your time.

It’s nice because it auto-saves everything I write. It also keeps the text pure, no formatting whatsoever, so you can concentrate on the text and then add formatting later.

3. Sticky Notes
I use Sticky Notes. A lot. Not the kind that you physically write on like Post-It notes, but the Sticky Notes app on your computer. I use them to keep track of what I am working on. I color code them according to project. Most times, I start on a project and end up with multiple interruptions so I can keep track of where I am in the projects. I also use them for simple To-Do lists.

4. To-Do Lists
Speaking of To-Do lists, I use them quite frequently in Outlook. They are synced with my phone, so I always have them. They are a bit more formal than the Sticky Notes.

5. Notes
I use the Notes in Outlook quite a bit as well. Mainly because it is synced with my phone as well. When I am out and about, I will create a note and it gets synced back to Outlook.

BONUS: Hey Siri
I’m starting to try and use Hey Siri more, especially when it comes to Notes and Tasks. It makes it easier when I can just say “Hey Siri, remind me to do such and such” and it’s created on my phone and synced to Outlook. It doesn’t work in my pocket. I’m having trouble to remember to take my phone out and lay on my desk. If I remember to do this, while I am working on something else, instead of getting off-track, it’s much easier to use Hey Siri to create a task.

Stay tuned for more tips including using Evernote to stay organized.

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