A major part of running a small business is grabbing an audience’s attention with effective marketing campaigns. Thanks to a new Adobe innovation, this process can become much easier. Learn more about the technology that is a trailblazer for small business owners. 

What To Know About Adobe Premiere Pro Beta

The latest version of Premiere Pro software, Adobe Premiere Pro beta, provides groundbreaking audio and video editing improvements. The software is set to be available for all Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers as a standalone application, enhancing the process of creating videos with clear sound and picture capabilities. 

Some of the new Premiere elements utilize artificial intelligence to streamline the video editing process without compromising the results. Creators can complete high-quality projects in less time than using other video-editing software. 

Brand-New Features Within the New Version of Premiere Pro

What sets Adobe Premiere Pro beta apart from other video-editing programs? Its innovative features aim to reduce clicks and edits using the power of artificial intelligence. Below is a breakdown of each new feature and its benefits. 

Interactive Fade Handles

Make your videos stand out with custom audio transitions. What once took more time in other programs is now seamless in Premiere Pro beta. All you need to do is drag your audio transitions across your main editing timeline, which reduces the total editing time. 

AI-Powered Audio Category Tagging

Creators can spend a lot of time sifting through audio clips to label them correctly and cut out unnecessary noise. The AI audio tagging feature in Premiere Pro beta eliminates the hassle of manual editing. It automatically runs through all of your audio clips and then identifies and labels the content into the following categories:

  • Ambient noise
  • Music
  • Dialogue
  • Sound effects

The software then lets you access each category of sound in one click. 

User-Friendly Badges and Waveforms

Visual badges allow you to indicate which clips have effects while editing easily. The audio waveforms use AI to monitor height changes with the clips and boast new color correction features. These improvements ultimately make editing much easier to manage and let you focus on your creativity. 

How Adobe Premiere Pro Beta Benefits Small Businesses

Running a small business requires you to juggle many tasks against limited resources. You can create effective and high-quality audio or video advertisements by subscribing to the Adobe Creative Cloud. Premiere Pro beta’s AI-powered features minimize the time it takes to sort through each clip and add the effects you want. 

You can focus on sharing the story you want and quickly create video clips that appear professionally made to share with a wide audience. Investing in this software can save you time and money. 

Improve Your Small Business With Technology Resources

In addition to Adobe Premiere Pro beta, there are countless pieces of software and technology that can help small business owners increase productivity. Contact qualified industry professionals to learn more about the programs that can benefit your workflow. 


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