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Attention Houston Area Business Owners

Are you tired of never ending computer problems? Do you dream of a day when your computer systems just work?

If so, I want to give you a FREE 30 Minute Strategy Session. During this time we will discuss the root causes of your computer issues and identify weaknesses that can cause future problems.


Aspendora Foundation is a Managed IT Services Platform designed to give you a solid foundation upon which to build your business. Aspendora Foundation keeps your organization's IT running day and night.


Aspendora Cloud Services is a platform designed to give you anytime, anywhere access to your business applications. Aspendora Cloud Services enables you and your team access to your critical data day and night.


We put recovery before backups. What good is a backup if you can't recover it? While some hope the backups work and hope even more that a restore can happen. We test. We make sure. Your business depends on it.


We design voice over IP phone systems to suit our clients, whether that is on premise or hosted. We can help you decide what makes the most sense for your business.